Mum blogger accused of 'exploiting' her kids deletes Instagram account 5 years ago

Mum blogger accused of 'exploiting' her kids deletes Instagram account

A mum has deleted her Instagram account after she was accused of "exploiting" her children.

Clemmie Hooper removed her parenting Instagram page from the social media site after an ongoing controversy around her promotion of products using her children.

The blogger frequently shared sponsored posts featuring her children alongside products that she was promoting.

The Telegraph reports that Hooper has deleted her account, 'Mother of Daughters', over claims that the content was "ethically dubious."

On Mumsnet, Hooper wrote that she doesn't exploit her children, and that they "give consent" to any photo she uploads featuring them.

She wrote:


 “I don’t feel I ‘sell’ my children to make money, I actually hardly ever feature the older girls and have changed my approach when working with brands e.g. I won’t feature a picture of my children alone for an AD and I always ask ‘do they need to be in the post at all?’”

“I hardly ever feature them. They also see and give consent to any post where there are in the picture.”

Hooper has four daughters, all of whom regularly featured in her Instagram posts.

Her account had over 500,000 followers before it was deleted.

Hooper's account also featured sponsored posts featuring products from brands such as Pampers and Visit Florida.

These posts also specified that they were advertisements and that they included sponsored content.