Mum bought school uniform jumpers in Tesco but one had an M&S label on it 4 years ago

Mum bought school uniform jumpers in Tesco but one had an M&S label on it

This is a weird one.

An Irish mum-of-two was doing what nearly every school mum was doing this week.

She was out shopping for bits and bobs for her children before they head back to school at the end of the month.

The mum from Wicklow purchased school jumpers in a Tesco store in Greystones on Monday.

When she got home and took the jumpers out of the packaging she noticed something odd.

As expected one of the jumpers had a Tesco label, but the other had a Marks and Spencer label on it.

The mum told the Irish Independent that the jumpers were made in Bangladesh. She added:


"The F&F label was on the front. I opened the packet because I was going to put them through the wash… I had to do a double take."

"They’re exactly the same. The labels with the washing instructions are the same, and the fabric composition… everything is exactly the same except one has an M&S label and the other has a Tesco label."

Many of you mama's out there may have noticed when you were shopping for school supplies as well that there is a big price difference between jumpers in Tesco and Marks and Spencer.

They are about €7.50 in Tesco and €15 in Marks and Spencer.

Knowing this, the mum continued:

"I would look at M&S being a cut above the rest. By paying more, you feel reassured that you’re getting a different product. But you’re buying the same product."

"I would love other people to know, don’t be fooled by this. These jumpers are exactly the same… Both of those came out of the same pack."

In response to this mum's experience Tesco have said they are "surprised", while Marks and Spencer confirmed that the jumper was not their product and said they are looking into what happened.