Mum calls police at 2am to bring baby formula and they actually arrive with it 2 years ago

Mum calls police at 2am to bring baby formula and they actually arrive with it

Well that was very helpful of them.

I remember walking my eldest, who was five at the time home from school when I was heavily pregnant and all of a sudden I started to get faint.

It was the dead of summer and Ireland was experiencing a heatwave.

As if out of nowhere two police officers appeared at either side of me, obviously seeing that I was struggling and offered to walk me the rest of the way home with me leaning my weight on them.

It was incredibly nice of them and I know of other mums who have had similar experiences but I was still surprised when I read this story about a mum calling the police in a milk emergency.

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Mum Shannon Bird turned to the police when at 2am one night her breastmilk wouldn't come through and her baby was screaming for food.

Because Bird had been exclusively breastfeeding she had no baby formula in the house and as it was 2am and she has four other children as well as her newborn she was at a loss as to what to do.


In a panic Bird called the emergency services and said that she needed someone to come to her house with milk, and do you know what, they actually did.

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Yes not only did Utah police officers arrive at Bird's door with milk but when they realised it was not cow's milk but baby milk that she required they said that they would be back shortly with formula.

The officers also refused to take any money off of Bird for the baby formula.

Some have criticised Bird for wasting police time but the mother-of-five has even said herself that she wasn't thinking in the heat of the moment.

Home alone with her children, sleep deprived and stressed she dialed the emergency services but even she said she didn't think they would actually arrive.

The local police on the other hand were more than happy to help with Officer Dave Ventrano saying;

"Most of us, we got on this job to help people, and this was an example of helping out a mother that was in need."

An unusual way to get formula in a pinch but a feel good story with a happy ending nonetheless.