Mum doesn't think 'her kids benefit' from getting toys for Christmas 5 years ago

Mum doesn't think 'her kids benefit' from getting toys for Christmas

A mum has sparked an online debate after sharing why she doesn't want to buy her two daughters toys at Christmas.

The Mumsnet user said her kids, aged one and a half and three, have the "right amount" of toys to play with - and she's not sure if they will benefit from getting more.

The forum user went on to explain that she's tried to make her daughters' bedrooms "nice places for them to sleep", and they always tidy up the toys and put them out of sight before bed.

She wrote:

"They don't have millions of toys, I'd say just the right amount.

"Purely because I clear them out now & again and give the excess to charity.

"Having recently done a clear out, I just can't see how either of them will benefit from getting more toys.

"Countless relatives have been in touch asking what to get them and I've said I'll have a think.

'The truth is, I don't like the idea of their bedrooms and our living room overflowing without toys.

"They are well entertained with what they already have.

"I know my eldest would be devastated if she doesn't get any toys from santa so I'll no doubt go through the motions.

"I've tried telling relatives not to buy any cumbersome toys but I get the feeling that's going on one ear and out the other.

"Am I being cruel? Is the house being covered in toys just something I'll have to get used to? Just to clarify, they do have plenty of toys.

"I have a large cupboard full and a couple of small storage units.

"They have a toy kitchen and all the accessories, they have toy cars, bikes, ride ons etc.

"I just don't want to have one of those houses where you can't move for toys.

"I'm also not keen on the idea of spoiling the kids and the already have what I would deem to be a more than sufficient amount."

But commenters were divided on how to feel about the mum's comments, with some urging her to suggest "gifts of experience" for her kids.

One person suggested:

"Could suggest gifts of activities, classes, or passes to museums.

"We got a lovely present a few years ago of a family membership to a science centre."


A different person added:

"I have 3 and 2 year old girls. For Christmas we're telling anyone who asks that they'd like craft supplie, puzzles and board games.

"They're the sort of thing that keeps their attention rather than toys."

Meanwhile, other Mumsnet users pleaded with her to not "ruin Christmas" for her children.

One person said:

"Please dont ruin christmas for your children. They dont believe in the magic of it forever!"

Another added:

"It's Christmas. For children, it's about toys and presents. I find this attitude rather odd that because they already have stuff, then they aren't to get new toys.

"My DCs really don't need anymore toys, but I love seeing how happy they are opening something they really wanted and playing with it."