Mum slates parents-to-be for hosting gender reveal parties 9 months ago

Mum slates parents-to-be for hosting gender reveal parties

Each to their own.

It's safe to say that a lot of people do things differently when they're expecting. Some will shout it from the rooftops while others will hang back, and have a more low key pregnancy.

This mum is complaining about gender reveal parties - which, we have to say, have become very popular in recent years.

Some choose to have them, others don't. But this mother wrote a post about it on Mumsnet, saying it's too "American."

She said:

"This whole make a big thing with a gender reveal - glitter, balloons, cakes with coloured centres etc. Then the parents act all surprised.

"Isn't the biggest 'gender reveal' just to wait until they are born???

"This really flipping irritates me and it's so American."

A lot of mums commented on the thread, saying that it's up to each parent to decide what way they want to carry out their pregnancy.


One said:

"Why does it bother you what others do?

"Maybe some don't want to wait until birth to find out if the baby is a girl or boy, maybe they want to find out during the pregnancy.

"And maybe they want to make a celebration of their news, after they and their family and friends are all celebrating the little boy or girl who will be part of their family.

"If you don't like it don't click and watch, but don't make others feel bad for wanted to celebrate finding out their baby gender."

While another agreed with the poster, saying that it's too much and a bit ridiculous.

"I kind of agree with you. We're finding out what we're having but we (genuinely!) don't have a preference.
My brother offered to pay for a gender scan and we're excited to see baby again.

"I went to a gender reveal party and found it really awkward. It felt weird to cheer when the reveal happened, as though I wouldn't have if it was the opposite!? So I just stayed quiet and didn't know what to do."

What do you think about gender reveals?