Mum called out over "mean" way she stopped her daughter using a dodie 1 year ago

Mum called out over "mean" way she stopped her daughter using a dodie

Trying to get your child to stop using their dodie is not easy.

However, one mum's method has come under fire.

She managed to get her young daughter to stop using it, but many parents felt her approach was "mean".

In a TikTok video, mum Brittany revealed she breaks her daughter's soother in a bid to stop her from using them.

In the clip, the mum can be seen cutting her daughter's dodie with scissors and then giving the broken binky to her little girl.

The mum said her daughter will be "binky free" in a week.

The method may work, but many mums didn't agree with it.

One said, "This approach would have caused a total meltdown for me as a child."

@brittikittyOne a week until she is binky free! ?

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"Please don’t take her pacifier away before she’s ready but it looks like she’s handling it well," one warned.

Another mum claimed that this was "just mean".

Other parents were super helpful and shared methods that helped their kids.

"I know of someone who wrapped them up and left them for Santa, who then gave them to little babies in need!" one wrote.

Another added, "I told my oldest the binky fairy took them and made them new for brand new babies to have. He actually was cool with it."

However, one mum felt that she may be taking it away too soon.

"Can you help me understand why you’re taking away the thing she likely self soothes with?"

She said the mum should let her daughter stop using it on her own time and not her time.

What do you think? Do you agree with the mum's method?