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20th Jun 2016

Mum Fires Babysitter After Viral Video Shows Her Child Being Drenched In Water


An investigation has been launched after a babysitter was filmed placing a 7-month-old child under a water dump bucket at a water park in Indiana.

According to reports, the Department of Child Services is looking into the incident which was captured on camera by concerned onlooker Desiree Howell.

She apparently notified the authorities at the time and then recorded the behaviour while waiting for officers to arrive, before uploading it to Facebook in the hope of notifying the mother of the baby.

In the caption, Desiree wrote: “Baby is crying. And swallowing this water. Pray this baby won’t drown in her sleep!!! She has been yelling at her telling her to get over it. Its part of being a kid.”

Her call-out worked as the mother of the infant spotted the clip. She is said to have immediately collected her child, who is thankfully okay, and fired the babysitter.

Mum Brittany Dixson told Indy Star: “I was literally hysterically crying. I was shaking… I know it was poor judgement and not cruel intention.”

The babysitter has not been arrested however the investigation into her actions is ongoing.