Mum issues stark warning after car mirror caused child's car seat to smoke and burn 1 week ago

Mum issues stark warning after car mirror caused child's car seat to smoke and burn

A mum has gone viral on TikTok with her car seat warning to other parents after smoke began billowing out of her daughter’s.

Natasha Furlong from Canada is urging parents to be extra vigilant after her car seat nearly broke out into flames.

The mum was the only getting into the car when the bizarre incident occurred, so she was able to put the fire out before it spread.

She posted on TikTok (@morethanjustamother) to explain what happened, and captioned the video: “To all the parents out there, just be aware of how quickly this can happen.

“I'm so glad it didn't happen while my daughter was strapped in.”

In the clip she says: “Are you a parent? If so this is something you seriously have to watch.

"If you have a car seat, you need to watch this because I didn’t even know this was a thing until it literally just happened.

"And [it] could have been so much worse, could have been - yeah - way worse situation.

“But I want to share it with you guys because the weather is getting nice - it’s getting hot - and you need to know.”


Car seat Credit: Getty Images

The clip then cuts to Natasha opening her car door to reveal a pink car seat with smoke coming out of it.

“I just opened my car door to put my daughter in her car seat,” she explains in the video.

“And her car seat is on fire, from the heat. Oh my God, is this even real life? What the f**k? It’s, like, legit smoking.”

She then goes on to say that her nine-year-old worked out that the fire was most likely caused by the mirror that was placed on the back of the seat that the car seat was facing.

She then said: “Can you imagine if she was sitting in her seat?”

The clip resonated with so many parents who were left horrified by the thoughts of what could have happened.

One person commented: “Could you imagine if you was just in your house chilling and you looked outside in your driveway and your car was on fire because of that.”

Another wrote: “WOW. That is terrifying. Could have been her.”


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