Mum lets one-year-old cook eggs on the stove - what age is too young? 9 months ago

Mum lets one-year-old cook eggs on the stove - what age is too young?

Is her son too young to be cooking?

A mum has revealed she lets her one-year-old son cook scrambled eggs.

She opened up on TikTok about being 'trolled' for the parenting decision.

“I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this but my one and a half year old used the stove for the first time today," she shared.

“We’ve been working up to this for quite a while," the mum explained.

The mum explained that her son doesn't use the kitchen stove just yet. He is currently cooking on the camping stove.

“He has been practising using the stove with no heat just to see how he would do."

The mum added: “After a while, I realised he wasn’t touching the pan anymore and he understood that it was hot.”


She explained that her youngest son gets jealous when he sees his older sibling using the stove.

“He always sees his three-year-old brother use the stove and he gets so upset when I tell him that he can’t, because of that I decided to teach him with the stove off," she said.

The mum said she was confident in her son's abilities and trusted him to use the camping stove.

She stressed that she constantly observes her son in the kitchen.

“He did not touch the pan, he was so cautious and did amazing and you can see in these clips how happy he was that he was able to try.”

Is one-year-old too young to be using kitchen appliances, whether it is a big stove or the camping one.

Could this give them too much confidence and lead to them using other items in the kitchen when adults aren't watching?

Is her son too young or is it okay once she is supervising him?