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25th Oct 2018

Mum noticed something mad about her IKEA highchair and it is a game changer

high chair

Ah, stop.

Everyone loves a good IKEA product.

They’re cheap, cheerful, and sometimes not even flatpack – ideal.

One of the most popular Ikea products (for mums, anyway) is the Antilop highchair.

It looks well, it’s super cheap at just €16, and it even comes in two different colours.

You may think this chair is simply great all on its own. After all, what more could you need from a highchair other than the ability of your child to sit in it and comfortably eat their food?

But the Antilop highchair has a secret… and that’s that it’s even better than we ever thought.

Because it’s dishwasher safe.

We know, our mind was blown too.

This invaluable tidbit of information came from Alys Gagnon who discovered that you can literally pull the legs off the highchair, stick the seat in the dishwasher, and go about your day.

No more spending hours trying to clean between the crevices of the legs. No more wasting time. Just pop it in the dishwasher and away you go.


Gagnon shared her revelation on Kidspot saying that she had her husband couldn’t get over the fact that they’d been missing out on this for so long.

She wrote:

“I shared this little nugget of information with my husband, Ian. His response? “What? Oh my god,” he shouted as he furrowed his brow and narrowed his eyes while mentally fact-checking me.

“We’re f*cking idiots,” he said after a short pause. “Of course! It’s plastic!””

Mind blown, lads.


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