Mum admits she makes her 7-year-old pay rent but for a good reason 2 weeks ago

Mum admits she makes her 7-year-old pay rent but for a good reason

A seven-year-old boy has to pay rent but his mums says it's for a good reason.

Paying rent is something we all have to face at some stage in our lives, but it's something kids never have to think about. They live in a blissful little world where bills, mortgages, and rent don't exist.

However, one seven-year-old boy has been made to pay rent, but it's for a good reason.

Speaking about the idea on TikTok, the young child's mum explained that this helps prepare her little boy for the real world.

She said introducing this has been a major help for her son because it teaches him about financial responsibility.

Her son is also given a list of daily tasks to complete every day.

His mum, who goes by @craftedandcozy on TikTok, said this hack has helped her son and isn't a punishment at all.

"It is something that I’ve incorporated in my household for the past two months and it’s been extremely successful"

His daily tasks include making his bed, cleaning his bathroom, putting his clothes in the wash, and brushing his teeth. His mum believes having a list of daily tasks will help teach him some responsibility.


If he completes all his tasks then his mum gives him $1.

"If I see that he's being challenged in any area, for instance, if he gets out of the shower [and] drops the towel right next to the towel hook, it's going on his task list next week," the mum said.

The mum said his money is used for 'rent' at the end of the month, as well as bills.

She said her son pays $5 for rent and around $2 for his 'bills'.

He uses around 30% of his income on bills and rent but uses the remainder for fun things.

The mum makes sure he doesn't spend all of his money by placing two buckets in his room. One is labelled for 'fun' and the other for his rent and bills.

Do you think the mum is right or is this hack a little too serious?