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Mum punches and hospitalises other mum in Peppa Pig stampede
The victim was in her 50s.

A mum was hospitalised yesterday after being punched by another mum while trying to see Peppa Pig.

The incident occurred at a Hamleys Christmas toy parade in London.

Hundreds of attendees had tried to get to Peppa Pig for a meet-and-greet when one mum ended up punching another mum.

The woman on the end of the attack was then taken to hospital.

London police were called to Regent Street after the fight broke out.

They were forced to close the area while emergency services made their way to the woman who had been punched.

The victim is in her 50s.


The Sun reports that Hamleys have since apologised for the event.

“We had unprecedented crowd numbers. We had to bring an ambulance in to take her out.

“But because they had to close a small area it created traffic flow issues, so with police advice we chose to restrict or curtail some of the activities."


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