Mum raises funds to create 'A Doll Like Me' for children with disabilities 3 years ago

Mum raises funds to create 'A Doll Like Me' for children with disabilities

One mum has gone above and beyond to help bring joy to children living with disabilities.

Amy Jandrisevits worked as a social worker in a pediatric oncology unit when she got the idea to create 'A Doll Like Me.'

Since she started making the dolls a couple of years ago, Amy has covered the cost of many of the dolls and aims to make her services free of charge to all children who require them.

Amy makes her dolls for children who have a variety of medical conditions and recently set up a Go Fund Me to cover the price of the dolls.

Ms Jandrisevits said that the dolls typically cost $100 or €88 to make but when parents have been unable to afford her dolls she has provided them free of charge.


She hopes with her fundraising that she can make 'A Doll Like Me' a fully fledged charitable organisation.

Speaking on her fundraising page Amy said;

"I have partnered with a children's hospital to identify kids who might benefit from having a doll for comfort as they go through their medical care. The money raised here will help me do that.

Funds raised will be used to pay for materials and shipping to cover the cost of dolls for those who can’t afford it. Any remaining funds will be used towards turning A Doll Like Me into an official non-profit organization."

You can find out more about Amy's amazing dolls on her Facebook page 'A Doll Like Me'.