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21st Jun 2022

Mum worried her daughter will be kicked out of daycare for crying too much

Has anyone else come up against the same problem?

I find starting a child off at creche can be hit or miss.

Some children love it and some absolutely hate being separated from their parents.

One mum recently posted about how her child is not adjusting to daycare at all and that she is now worried that her child will be kicked out.

The concerned mum posted to parenting forum Mamas Uncut to ask for help or advice;

“Have any of your kids been kicked out of daycare for crying too much?

My daughter will be 2 in November. She has been in daycare for almost a month. They say she cries all day and now have moved classrooms to see if that helps.

I’m scared she is going to get kicked out for the excessive crying. Has anyone ever had a baby kicked out for crying too much? Is there anything I can do to help?”

While the mum in question was worried about the daycare kicking her child out, many parents in the comments were more concerned about why the child was crying;

“I would be more concerned about why she is crying ALL day instead of if she’s going to get kicked out.

If my child cried for 9 hours straight every day I would do everything in my power to find out why and help her/him. I would not chalk it up to normal.”

Others advised the mum to seek legal action if the daycare decided to remove her child from their centre;

“Legally if the daycare kicks your child out legal action can be taken.

It is our jobs as daycare providers is to accommodate to children and take care of the children regardless of them “crying too much”.

A child has to have time to adjust but a child will not be removed permanently out of the daycare for crying, daycare can be overwhelming to the little ones trust me I’m a adult and at times it’s overwhelming for me.”

Personally, like many others in the comments my main concern would be why my child is crying.

It could be separation anxiety but it could also be something else, even bullying from another child at the daycare.

I would also consider bringing my child to my GP as sometimes ailments like ear infections can go unnoticed, and something like an infection would definitely cause a child to cry for hours.