My daughter's school mum-shamed me for letting her walk home alone 3 months ago

My daughter's school mum-shamed me for letting her walk home alone

Was the school in the wrong?

A mum has been "shamed" by her daughter's school for letting the 11-year-old girl walk home alone.

The mum explained that it's a "short" walk and her daughter had been "desperate" to do it - but the topic started a huge debate among other parents.

She wrote on Mumsnet;

"My 11-year-old daughter has recently started walking home from school alone. It is less than a mile & she was desperate to do it.

"She starts high school in September where she will have to get a bus to & from so we thought we’d start giving her a bit of independence now rather than throw her in at the deep end in Sept.

"This morning I received a call from who school saying a concerned parent had been into school because they saw her walking home alone.

"School were asking me questions & making me feel like a bad parent for letting her walk home.

"I can’t stop thinking about the phone call and I'm now panicking if I have done the right thing.


"A lot of people I know have said they let their kids walk home in year 5 (she’s in yr 6) so I didn’t think she was too young... thoughts?"

Other parents were quick to have their say on the topic, with many of them backing the original poster.

One person said:

"We waited for school hols after leaving Yr 6 for this kind of prep, but only because it was convenient for us to do that

"I think what you are doing is excellent, you are setting her up to be independent once she goes to high school, and she will be confident to get herself there/back."

Another added:

"I don't think you are doing anything wrong at all. You know your daughter better than anyone if you think she is capable then it is no one else's business.

"Busy body parents and school should have told them it is your parenting decision and to mind their own."

Do you think she was wrong or is the school over-reacting?