Mum shares warning after son was almost 'snatched' in Poundland 2 years ago

Mum shares warning after son was almost 'snatched' in Poundland

A woman has shared a warning to other parents after her son was almost "snatched" from her while she was out shopping.

Sabina Palmer was in Poundland in Rhyl, Wales yesterday when she said a woman approached and tried to take her 10-month-old son away from her.

Sabina was with her son and husband when the alleged incident occurred.

The mum wrote on Facebook that a lady with "dark hair and glasses tried to snatch my son."

She added that she was "scared" and "angry" and that it was lucky that her son had been on his reigns at the time.

In the post, Sabina wrote that she was waiting for the police to arrive.

She also said that when the woman tried to take her son, she gave her a "weird" look.

"As she grabbed his reigns she gave me weird look.

"I grabbed him up, she smiled, then I went to get someone (that worked) there but hubby looked and she was gone."

Sabina warned other parents to be "careful" when out shopping with their children.

Poundland have since apologised to the mum, saying that they were sorry that the alleged incident occurred.

"We are aware of the incident which is now in the hands of the police.

"We're very sorry this happened in our store."

Welsh police are currently investigating the incident.