This mum is terrified of a pouch of cat food and the advice she's getting is comical 4 years ago

This mum is terrified of a pouch of cat food and the advice she's getting is comical

They say there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

As far as this woman is concerned though there is plenty to fear, particularly cat food.

The mum went onto parenting forum Mumsnet to try and find a way to deal with the terror that is an old pouch of cat food.

She appealed for help from her fellow parents, complete with photo...

"I have a sachet of cat food so inflated I'm scared to touch it! Will it explode all over me? It's one of the whiskas pouches but it's almost round and so full of air daren't pick it up, I've just had a shower!"

I personally love the added touch of explaining that she's just had a shower. She's off duty for the rest of the day, can't be doing anything that involves breaking a sweat or gone off pet products.

Luckily for this mum, there were a lot of cat food disposal experts online at just that moment


"DO NOT OPEN! Take it from my experience. The smell will stay with you for 20 years (in your memory!). But photograph it as said above as I got a decent voucher.
Shuddering at the memory..."

"You need to somehow get it inside a plastic bag. Then tie or seal the bag. Then put that inside another plastic bag. Then tie or seal that. Then move that as far away from your house as you can, preferably to a different county."

A lot of people were convinced that something dark lay within the bloated container

"I'm suspecting that there were eggs in there when you purchased (or something has since injected eggs into it) and now they have hatched and want their freedom."

This theory seemed to be correct after the original poster replied back

"I was fine until it twitched at me! I'm not going near it! "

My favourite advice came from this legend

 "Stick it outside and poke it with a big stick."

Ladies and gentlemen, the hero we need but don't deserve.

Some very disturbed individuals wanted her to open it to see if anything came crawling out. Eww!

I'm not sure what this terrified mum decided to do in the end but one thing is for sure she wasn't touching that cat food.

Sure she'd just had a shower like.