Mum thinks she's making a mistake by putting her twins in the same class 3 years ago

Mum thinks she's making a mistake by putting her twins in the same class

What would you do?

Do you have twins? Have you been in a situation where you had to decide to keep them together or split them up?

That's this mum's problem. She told Mumsnet that as her twins are starting school, she sat them down and asked them if they wanted to be put into separate classes or stay together.

They chose to stay together but now the mother is worried she made the wrong decision. She said:

"I have 4 year old twin girls, due to start in September. They've been together through nursery for the last 2 years with no issues.

"The school they're attending has a 2 form entry. The school wanted to split them. After talking it through with them (my children) they're adamant they want to stay together. So I spoke to the school a while ago and they agreed they could be in the same class.

"But now I'm doubting my decision. Would you have taken their opinion into consideration? Or am I a fool for allowing a couple of 4 year olds to sway my decision?"

One mum said that she made the right decision because it can be hard for some kids to settle in their first year. She said:


"I would have done the same as you. It’s a hard world out there for kids at times and I think dealing with the loss of such a close sibling in this way is more than they need. Of course there are risks that they will not mingle in the same way but perhaps you can just focus on separate activities and friendships outside of school?"

While others said that she should have listened to the school:

"Well it's too late now. See how they get on, they can be seperated next year if it's needed.

"I wouldn't have allowed it though, I trust schools opinions on these things. They have more experience. But it won't hurt."

Have you had experience in this area? Would you keep twins together or split them up?