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24th Aug 2017

Mum-of-two Amy Huberman on her new RTÉ comedy series

We can't keep up

Olivia Hayes

amy huberman

What a woman.

Between her hilarious Instagram photos, her two gorgeous children, and now two separate shows on RTÉ, it’s safe to say that Amy is a busy woman.

The mum opened up today about her new comedy show on the national broadcaster, saying that she’s excited about it, but it’s entirely different from her current drama, Striking Out.

Speaking at the RTÉ new season launch, Amy said, “Finding Joy is a comedy and Striking Out is a drama – so they are very different worlds.”

“It’s early days on that at the moment, but between the filming schedule for this and I was filming something before this also, I’ve been at it for a little while.”

Amy explained that while she has help on hand, she wrote the entire series by herself.

“I’m working with Treasure Films and Rebecca O’Flanagan who is the producer on it – she is an amazing mentor and she is brilliant with stories, great with editing, [but] I’m writing it on my own, which has been great!

“I’ve really enjoyed it, so hopefully I’ll progress with that, once I have a little more time after Striking Out,” she said.

It sounds like Amy hasn’t got a minute! But if her social media jokes are anything to go by, this new series is going to be a barrel of laughs and we can’t wait to see it.