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26th Mar 2019

Mum worried as her daughter listens to ‘explicit’ music on Spotify

What music does your child listen to?

A lot has changed since we were kids. Thanks to the Internet, there is a lot more out there that our kids have access to, and even today’s music is unpreventable.

Songs with explicit lyrics are played on the radio and in shops… however, we’ve grown so accustomed to them that we rarely stop and listen to what the song is about.

This mum is worried after her daughter sent her on a Spotify playlist that she listens to. Taking to Mumsnet, she said:

“So, I was discussing music with her yesterday and told her to send me her spotify play list (she usually listens with head-phones in).

“She sent it through to me with an innocent ‘there is some bad language but the music is good – Enjoy!’ Every single song almost has an Explicit warning.

“Is this what they’re all listening to these days? Or is mine particularly depraved?”

She then continued:

“My response was – em – thanks – you don’t need to tell me if you’re sexually active, but let me know if you want to make an appointment with the GP to discuss contraception. Am I out of touch?”

Many mums were shocked by the post and said that just because her daughter is listening to this type of music doesn’t mean she’s sexually active.

One wrote:

“You think with your teenager listening to songs with swear words or sexual references means she’s sexually active! Really?”

While another said:

“I really hope that wasn’t your genuine reaction – it sounds like you are quite close and she’s very open with you, this sort of reaction to her sharing who she ‘really is’ with you (in her own teenage head) will bugger that right up!”

The mum responded to the comments then, saying:

“She’s my baby! I thought she only knew about men and women getting married, hugging, getting babies.”

What would your reaction to this be? Do you worry about the music your child listens to?