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11th Sep 2018

Mums reveal the various ways that being a parent has changed them

Olivia Hayes

How much has it changed you?

It’s safe to say that a LOT of things change when you become a parent – your routine and your priorities are naming just two.

But how have YOU changed? One soon-to-be mother asked Mumsnet, and the answers were… spot on.

She said:

“So I’m about 6 weeks away from meeting our little one and freaking out about becoming a Mum. I’m not exactly the most chilled, tolerant and successful person (pregnancy has been challenge!!) and have never really been maternal, apart from to my niece and nephew. I worry about being a crap Mum! Very interested in people’s experiences of how they’ve changed in themselves since becoming a parent.”

Here are the top 5 responses:

  1. “I’m grumpier.”
  2. “I’m a better person definitely. It gave me confidence I definitely lacked before having kids. It’s made me more patient. I’m also a lot more laid back about stuff.”
  3. “I’ve realised how easy it is to judge and think I’d never do that. So I have much better empathy now 2 years in.”
  4. “Tired, yes but amazed by how much such a small person changes things and how rapidly they change and learn.”
  5. “I was the least maternal person ever, didn’t even really like my nieces and nephews that much and especially not my friends kids. Since having my son I suddenly have started going all gooey over other babies and actually interacting and playing with friends kids, I just understand them better now.”