Parents outraged over National Children's Hospital delays 7 months ago

Parents outraged over National Children's Hospital delays

Construction is "progressing at pace"

Parents have spoken out against the cost of the new National Children's Hospital.

80% of the budget has already been spent, but construction on the hospital is already 17 months behind schedule.

The National Pediatric Hospital Development Board claims the construction stage will be completed in five months, but the public is feeling uncertain after the project faced numerous delays.

The NPHDB gave multiple reasons for the delays including the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and the war in Ukraine.

The Oireachtas committee was told that the hospital will be completed by March 2024, Breaking News reports.

Inflation has impacted the supply of goods and services. This has also led to a rise in construction costs.

There are concerns that the National Children's Hospital could exceed €2 billion.


The chief officer of the NPHDB Derek Gunning told the Oireachtas committee;

"The advanced progress means that the layout of the hospital is clear and visible to all those who walk through the various departments that are reaching the completion stage."

He continued, “There are 22 operating theatres on the second floor of the building where medical equipment installation, ceilings, walls, and floor fit-out is well underway.

“Other areas such as the emergency department, imaging, critical care, and therapy areas are progressing at pace.”

However, the hospital likely won't be open for patients until 2025.

The hospital will cost over €1.43 billion. Another €500 million is expected to be spent on the project.