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06th Sep 2018

You need to watch Daniel O’Donnell singing over the intercom on a recent Aer Lingus flight


Denise Curtin

If there is one thing Daniel O’Donnell knows, it’s how to impress the ladies.

On a recent Aer Lingus flight, the 56-year-old singer happened to be approached by a massive fan who was celebrating her birthday that day.

And of course, in the true style of “giving the people what they want”, Daniel sang happy birthday to the woman over the intercom on the plane. Yes, really.

Standing up at the top of the plane, Daniel gave the crowd a performance they’d never forget. Grabbing the intercom phone, Daniel sang Happy Birthday and my God, t’was powerful.

Aer Lingus also caught the whole moment on camera and yes, it’s gas.

What makes it all even better? Annie (the birthday girl) even got a smooch from the star himself at the end. Look away, Majella.

The video which was posted yesterday has already racked up 140,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Many people took to the comments section of the video too, with one fan writing:

“Happy birthday Annie you lucky girl. Daniel hope you sing happy birthday to me 13th October xx lol”

While another wrote:

“Daniel is a gentleman and never refuses a thoughtful gesture for a fan, happy birthday Annie.”

He’s certainly one this crowd over. H’on Daniel.