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23rd Apr 2018

Netflix thinks this is what William and Kate are going to call the royal baby

Orlaith Condon

It has a nice ring to it.

News broke earlier today that Kate Middleton had given birth to her third child and ever since, the eyes of the world have waited for a few key events.

From Kate and William emerging from the hospital with their new baby boy, to the official announcement going up in front of Buckingham Palace, many of them have been fulfilled by now.

However, one thing that has yet to be confirmed is the new baby boy’s name and predictions have gone into overdrive since news broke earlier today.

It’s Netflix’s prediction though that has piqued our interest.

Yes, the streaming site has gotten into the royal spirit and have shared their prediction for what Kate and William will choose to name their third child.

“Odds on this being the new royal baby name?” asked Netflix on Twitter a little earlier and we’re open to the idea.

While many might say that it is the name for a princess, we have to say it’s nice to think of the royal family abandoning gender conformity and choosing something different.

Now we wait for the announcement…