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14th Apr 2016

New Irish Mums Share Their Views on the DOMINO Scheme

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Nearly half of pregnant women who used the DOMINO scheme were discharged from hospital between six and 12 hours after giving birth, a new report has revealed. 

As part of the scheme, midwifery care is provided from the beginning of pregnancy, during labour and until a baby is five or 10 days old.

And it’s proving a success; an evaluation led by Dr Maria Healy, head of nursing, midwifery and health systems in UCD, confirmed that, while there are some aspects that need to be improved, most women would like to see the scheme rolled out across the country.

However, according to the Irish Independent, some respondents said they felt there should be more support available beyond the ten-day period, with many agreeing that a follow-up phone call a few weeks after the birth would suffice.

The report also recommended an additional home visit at six weeks after birth to address any lingering issues and check on the health of both mother and baby.

Privacy was also an issue for some women who used the scheme, with one woman reporting that a member of staff who was not on the birthing team entered the room without permission, an intrusion that caused her some anxiety while she was in labour.

The report said there was a need for water birthing facilities, with massage and hypnobirthing, positional techniques and electrical nerve simulation among the most common forms of pain relief.

Did you use the DOMINO scheme? Tell us about your experience @HerFamilydotie. 

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