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18th Jan 2019

Mum wins the 431 kilometre Montane Spine race while expressing breastmilk

Melissa Carton

This is incredible!

Mum Jasmin Paris won the notoriously difficult 431-kilometre Montane Spine Race beating the previous records.

Paris not only smashed the record for fastest time in the race but she did it all while expressing breastmilk.

Paris finished the race about 12 hours faster than any of the previous runners who completed the track before.

The Montane Spine is considered one of the toughest endurance races in Europe.

The 35-year-old said she met with her husband at each checkpoint to express breast milk for her 14-month-old daughter Rowan.

Paris trained for the ultramarathon in the early morning before work while her family slept.

“To reconcile the two, I started to train from 5:00am-6:30am before work, whilst my little family were cosy warm in bed. It wasn’t easy, especially after a night of broken sleep — our offspring is not of the ‘sleep-through-the-night’ variety.”

On top of training and looking after her daughter she is also completing a PhD at the University of Edinburgh.

According to ABC News Paris said;

“[Rowan] was very bemused to see me on the finish line and has been very clingy today as if she is thinking I might go away again”

Hopefully, Rowan will let her mum take part in more races, who knows what other records she might break.