A new parent’s benefit will become available to families from today 4 months ago

A new parent’s benefit will become available to families from today

Good news for new parents.

A new Parent’s Benefit will become available from today November 1.

This benefit will ensure that parents with a child born or adopted from today onwards can now qualify for two weeks’ paid leave each within their child’s first year.

This new Parent's Benefit is in addition to existing Maternity and Paternity Benefits.

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This Parent’s Benefit scheme is family-friendly and flexible, allowing parents to take one week or two at a time which I think is a brilliant idea.

Each parent will be able to take the new paid leave any time during their child’s first year.

When a parent chooses to avail of this new leave to spend additional time with their child, they will be entitled to a payment of €245 per week from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Minister Doherty highlighted the Government’s commitment to families as it is anticipated that this scheme could support up to 60,000 parents a year to spend additional time with their children and provide more flexibility in managing a work life balance. She said:

"The early years of a child’s life are formative. That first year goes by so quickly, we want make the most of it by giving both parents the opportunity to spend more time with their new arrival. We are committed to increasing the quantity of your quality time.

This new Parent’s Benefit – along with other initiatives such as subsidised childcare, hot school meals, free school books and free GP care for kids – is further evidence that this Government values families and recognises their priorities. And, because we value families, I intend to build on this Parent’s Benefit and gradually extend the amount of benefit available to nine weeks for each parent."

More information on the new Parent’s Benefit can be accessed on the Department’s website www.welfare.ie.