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25th Apr 2016

New Research Aims to ‘Halve’ Miscarriage Rates by 2030

Katie Mythen-Lynch

More than one in five pregnancies in Ireland ends in miscarriage, with around 14,000 women affected each year. 

Now a UK charity hopes to drastically reduce those figures by opening a research centre dedicated to finding out why miscarriage occurs and how to prevent it.

The National Centre for Miscarriage Research, opened by the Tommy’s charity, will be based across three sites in partnership with three universities: the University of Birmingham, the University of Warwick, and Imperial College London. Up to 24,000 women expected to benefit from expert care and support.


Upwards of 85 percent of miscarriages happen in the first 12 weeks, and are known as early miscarriages. Parents often receive no answers when it happens and current UK health guidelines mean they need to endure three consecutive early miscarriages before there is any investigation.

Tommy’s want to challenge this, with the new research centre developing new screening tests and treatments designed to help overcome any issues early on in the pregnancy. Hopefully Tommy’s pioneering research will benefit wannabe-parents everywhere in the coming years.

If you are struggling and need support following a miscarriage, find a support group here