This Women of NASA Lego playset is launching right on time for Christmas 2 years ago

This Women of NASA Lego playset is launching right on time for Christmas

Every little girl and boy is going to want to get their hands on this beauty!

Not only do we love Lego (it’s just so much fun!) but this time it also brings a hint of nostalgia plus a very significant message.

Meet Lego’s Women of NASA! The set is ready to hit stores on 1 November, right on time for Christmas!

Each little figurine has their own special interests and areas of expertise and pieces to represent this, such as a space shuttle Challenger (sounds mega!), the Hubble Space Telescope, fuel and booster tanks. Okay we want to be astrologers now.

The figurines include Nancy Grace (astronomer and teacher), Margaret Hamilton (computer scientist and entrepreneur), Mae Jemison (astronaut, physician and engineer) and Sally Ride (physicist, astronaut and entrepreneur).

What’s also very cool about it all is that these women truly helped pave the way in science and space exploration. In the 1950’s Nancy Grace Roman played a part in getting the space-telescope mission into fruition.

In the 1960’s, Margaret Hamilton helped get the Apollo missions into space off the ground (literally) through the development of software. Sally was the first woman in space to take a spin on the space shuttle and Mae was the first African-American woman to travel into space. A lot of firsts in there ladies… and oodles of inspiration!

The idea to produce the set came about when deputy editor at MIT News, Maia Weinstock, presented her idea to the folks at Lego’s Ideas. Because they chose her idea, and we’re very glad they did, Maia will receive a 1 percent share of sales and licensing revenue. Not bad Maia… not bad at all.

Despite it being utterly marvellous in the above regard, it’s undoubtedly a very nifty Christmas gift for the kids! It costs $25 and we’re not sure if it’s going to be arriving in stores here just as fast, however it will no doubt be available online come November.

Images: Lego Ideas