Newborn baby boy found alive in food delivery box 1 month ago

Newborn baby boy found alive in food delivery box

An investigation is underway.

A motorcyclist in Thailand found a baby boy abandoned inside a food delivery box last month.

The motorcycle taxi driver found the child in the capital city of Bangkok on September 23, according to the Daily Mail.

Travelling through the red-light district, driver Top Chairat said he found a food storage box that looked out of place on the street where motorcycles are usually parked.

He opened the box and found the newborn wrapped in a white cloth inside.

"I could not believe what I was looking at when I lifted the box open," he said.

"The baby could have died. The lid was on the box when I found him so nobody else could see what was in there. He could have been put in a trash lorry or left in the night."


Mr Chairat called for help and then tried to fan the child with the box lid as it was sweltering outside, with temperatures measuring around 35 degrees Celsius.

Emergency services attended the scene, and paramedics gave the infant oxygen in an attempt to improve his condition.

Though the baby appeared to be uninjured, he was later rushed to hospital for a check-up.

Police believe he was born within the 24 hours before he was abandoned.

An investigation to identify the child's mother is now underway.