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23rd Jun 2023

19-year-old Titan submersible victim was “terrified” and only went to “please” his father

Kat O'Connor

The 19-year-old boy killed in the Titan submarine tragedy was reportedly terrified about the trip.

According to reports, the teenager only agreed to go as a Father’s Day gift to his dad, Shahzada Dawood.

His aunt confirmed Suleman Dawood only agreed to go on the trip to please his father.

In an interview with NBC News, Azmeh Dawood, Shahzada’s older sister, said their family is in disbelief following the tragedy.

“I feel like I’ve been caught in a really bad film, with a countdown, but you didn’t know what you’re counting down to,” she shared.

“It’s been unlike any experience I’ve ever had,” she added.

All five passengers onboard the Titan were confirmed dead on Thursday, June 22nd. All five victims died following a “catastrophic implosion”.

The bodies of the Titan submersible victims may never be found, according to the US coast guard.

Debris uncovered on the seabed was found on Thursday afternoon following the major search. It was found just 500m from the Titanic wreck.