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11th Jan 2015

NEWS: Tesco to remove sweets from checkouts this month

Finally, a sweet-free checkout experience

We can hear a collective cheer from parents countrywide. Tesco has announced this week that all sweets will be removed from the stores checkouts over the next month. Say goodbye to supermarket checkout demands (and tantrums).

This weeks announcement follows an official declaration by the company last May.

Christine Heffernan, director of Tesco Ireland Corporate Affairs stated, “since we announced our commitment to removing sweets and chocolates from our checkouts in May we have been trialling healthy snacks to replace sweets at the checkouts.”

About time.

This news is expected to be welcomed across a variety of healthy eating and nutrition platforms across the country, particularly Safefood, who agreed “it’s a powerful recognition of how ‘pester power’ and impulse-buying affect the food choices we make every day.” Here, here.

Safefood had conducted a survey that showed that 29% of shoppers would be more willing to shop in a store if it had a sweet free checkout area.

This news will no doubt be welcomed by health organisations growing increasingly concerned over childhood obesity rates in Ireland.

We hope it’s not too little, too late.