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18th Mar 2020

Radio presenter Ciara Kelly tells listeners she has coronavirus and describes her symptoms

Cathy Donohue

Newstalk’s Ciara Kelly has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

The radio presenter addressed her listeners from her hot press, where she was presenting today’s show.

Prior to the show, she had told her Twitter followers she would be making an announcement at 12 pm.

Discussing her diagnosis, the popular host said:

“What I want to say to all of you today, yes, I have coronavirus and I am home locked up in a hot press because of it but you guys, stay safe, stay home and stop the spread as much as you can”.

Ciara said she is rarely unwell but had begun to experience symptoms in recent days. She also spoke of how she’s been in self-isolation since the weekend and that for her, it feels like a “bad flu”.

The broadcaster said that she has had a sore throat, tightness and burning in her chest and shortness of breath.

She also spoke of how she had been tested for coronavirus over the weekend and last night, she received a positive result.

Ciara plans to continue broadcasting from her home because she feels it is useful and that “radio connects people”.

The former doctor also spoke of her plans to help the Irish health service and do what she can when she is back to full health.

She encouraged her listeners to continue practicing government recommendations to stop the spread of the virus including handwashing, self-isolation, and social-distancing.