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18th Mar 2020

Nine-month-old baby diagnosed with coronavirus in Manchester

Melissa Carton

His parents are in disbelief with the diagnosis.

Up until recently we’ve been told to keep young children away from vulnerable or elderly people as they are vectors of the virus.

In recent days though, we’ve seen a rise in the number of young children being diagnosed with coronavirus including a newborn baby.

Most recently a nine-month-old baby boy was diagnosed as having the condition having only shown some of the common symptoms of coronavirus.

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Nine-month-old Cassian from Manchester in the United Kingdom was diagnosed as having COVID-19 after he came down with a fever. However he did not have a cough with is one of the most common indicators of the virus.

According to Sky News Cassian’s mother Myroslava has said that she is absolutely shocked at the diagnosis as both she and her husband are perfectly well.

Myroslava and her husband Callum are currently self isolating with baby Cassian to stop the virus from being spread to anyone else.

Myroslava spoke about how the shocking diagnosis came about;

“Cassian’s been poorly for a few days so we took him to the doctors. He’s had a chest infection before so I think that’s how we got an appointment, it’s been difficult to get them.

When we got there, we had to go through special measures and ring a certain number for them to let us in. The waiting room actually had a big sign up saying “suspected case”.

We went in, then the doctor came in with a mask on, did some basic checks, temperature, checked his ears and said “yeah, it’s the coronavirus strand”.”

According to Myroslava Cassian is doing fine and his fever is being kept done by Calpol. She also recommends that other parents get in touch with their doctor if their child shows any symptoms as not as children show all symptoms.