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04th Jan 2021

No one involved in Nóra Quoirin’s death, says Malaysian inquest

Jade Hayden

The teenager died while on holiday with her family last year.

No one else was involved in the death of Nóra Quoirin, a Malaysian inquest has found.

According to a coroner the Irish teenager, who disappeared near the Dusun Rainforest resort where she had been staying with her family, died of “misadventure.”

15-year-old Nóra was reported missing last August. Her remains were discovered 10 days later approximately 2km from where she was last seen. An autopsy showed she died from prolonged hunger and stress.

At the time, Malaysian police closed the case and deemed “no further action” was to be taken. An inquest was later called as Nóra’s parents, Meabh and Sebastian, looked for “more answers.”

The inquest has since found that there was “no one involved in the death of Nora Anne,” as coroner Maimoonah Aid ruled that “it is more probable than not that she died by misadventure.”

She added that the inquest found no evidence of homicide or sexual assault and that the teenager, who had learning difficulties, likely wandered outside her room in a “strange and new place.”

Nóra’s family have since said they are “utter disappointed” by the inquest’s verdict.

“Once again we see that justice struggles to support the most vulnerable in society – only engaging with special needs at a surface level – and not at the level that truly reflects children like Nora,” they said.

“We believe we have fought not just for Nora but in honour of all the special needs children in this world who deserve our most committed support and the most careful application of justice.

“This is Nora’s unique legacy and we will never let it go.”