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23rd Feb 2017

Nobody can figure out what’s behind this mysterious radiation spike in Europe

Strange levels of a man-made radioactive material usually associated with atomic bombs have been found across Europe.

And nobody can figure out why.

Iodine-131 was detected in Norway in January and further spikes have now been found across the continent.

Now, a US ‘nuclear sniffer’ plane has been deployed to try to isolate where the material may have originated.

Reports in the Independent say that the plane landed in the UK earlier this week. It has the facility to collect atmospheric gases which they can filter and find any particles of radioactive material.

Some conspiracy theorists say the material could be the result of a nuclear test in Russia because of the location of the spread – however, it is also used to treat some illnesses so it is more likely that there was a leak from a pharmaceutical company.

The main nuclear security authority says it is investigating, but that there is no imminent threat from the levels that are being found in Europe.

(Feature image via IRSN)