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06th Oct 2022

Norma Foley admits there is no set day for the Junior Cert results

Kat O'Connor

Minister for Education Norma Foley said they can’t confirm a date just yet.

Minister for Education Norma Foley has admitted there is still no set date for the Junior Cert results.

She said they cannot confirm a date mainly because of the Leaving Cert appeals process.

The Leaving Cert appeals will be issued on Friday, October 7th, but Junior Cert pupils are still in the dark about their own results.

Foley claims the State Examinations Commission’s workload was “unprecedented” in 2022.

The extreme workload prevented them from processing the Junior Cert results.

However, both parents, teachers, and pupils agree that it is extremely unfair to leave them waiting so long.

Four months have already passed since the students sat their Junior Cert exams.

Norma Foley Junior Cert

Waiting for the results has caused a lot of anxiety for both students and their families.

Parents have slammed Foley and the Department of Education for forgetting about them.

She said the results will be issued “as soon as possible” but said not all papers have been marked.

However, she stressed that the results are almost complete and will be issued in “due course”.

Foley said the SEC will focus on Junior Cert results once the Leaving Cert appeals are sent out.