Not Ready For The Real Thing? Get A Robot Baby 5 years ago

Not Ready For The Real Thing? Get A Robot Baby

Ahhh a lovely bouncing...robot baby.

If you are broody but irresponsible, then mini Kirobo could be for you. This 4-inch robot baby costs just €350 AND you can even fit him in your handbag.

The motivation behind the robot's release in Japan has been questionable. Some have branded Kirobo a trumped up Tamagotchi, while others say the idea of replacing a child is simply offensive.

Makers, Toyota, say the cute bot is designed to offer some semblance of human interaction and is programmed to react to facial expressions.

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According to Reuters, the bug-eyed robot can be viewed as "a synthetic baby companion in Japan, where declining birth rates have left many women childless."

According to Tech Crunch, the full range of the robot's functionality will be on display this week at CEATEC in Japan. At the moment Kirobo can engage in 'casual conversation.' It is hoped Kirobo will be available to buy in Japan next year.