We have definitive proof women's intuition is a very real thing 5 years ago

We have definitive proof women's intuition is a very real thing

We may have always known it was true, but there were always those few deniers who said it was as a tall tale.

A study led by the University of Cambridge, which involved researchers from around the world, showed that we women do possess the special gift of being able to read emotions far better than our male counterparts.

Taking data from a study of nearly 89,000 people from across the globe, women were shown to score much better when it came to understanding the emotions others due to our heightened cognitive empathy. We can literally look into a person’s eyes and tell what kind of emotional state they are in.

The real significance of the new research is that it proves our genetics play a huge role. Genetic variants on chromosome 3 allow women to carry out the task much better than men. Talk about super powers!

As for the boys, the same chromosomal site is not associated with cognitive empathy which may explain why they’re often slow to pick up the fact someone may be feeling low.


This conclusion may also help answer the questions surrounding future studies such as why people read emotions so differently, and it may even help to explain complicated psychological disorders in people too.