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07th Jan 2016

Now you can use your smartphone to check if you are pregnant

Trine Jensen-Burke

Technology – and the brains that keep coming up with new ways to improve it – just never sleep, do they?

We now write 2016, and the world has come so far that you can pretty much now officially do ANYTHING with your smartphone. Including, we are now told, find out if you are currently up the duff.

That’s right, girl. Your iPhone is now also a pregnancy test. Well, sort of. (Note: Do NOT try peeing directly onto your phone. That is bound to end badly.)

Earlier this week First Response unveiled its new Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test, which via Bluetooth technology sync the standard stick (that you still pee on) with an app you download onto your phone.

This is how it works:

You urinate on the stick, as you normally would, nothing new there so, but then the app takes over, and notifies you once it detects a sample. Then, a countdown clock shows three minutes until the result is ready.

And as we all know, whether you are hoping you are pregnant or desperately praying you are not, those three minutes can feel like an absolute eternity while you are waiting for the results to appear. But instead of nervously biting your nails, the clever people over at First Response have made a genuine attempt at making those three minutes as low-stress as possible.

Which is why, while you are waiting, you are presented with three buttons: “Calm Me,” “Educate Me,” or “Entertain Me,” so you can learn about pregnancy or just watch cute videos of kittens and puppies, to ease your frayed nerves. Genius.

Once your three minutes are up (and the moment of truth is here), the app lets you know what the result is, and then gives you the next steps based on whether you’re actually pregnant (and whether or not you want to be). It can also be used afterward as a pregnancy tracker, predicting your due date and reminding you to go to doctor’s appointments, and can track your fertility throughout the year.

Wow, we are impressed.

What do YOU think? Would you use this method to check if you have a bun in the oven? Or just stick to the old stick – in its most simple way? Join the conversation with us on Twitter at @Herfamilydotie