Children should avoid indoor parties, sleepovers and play dates, NPHET warns 1 year ago

Children should avoid indoor parties, sleepovers and play dates, NPHET warns

New warning from NPHET urges kids to cut down on socialising.

NPHET has urged parents to cut down on the amount of socialising children are doing.

Children under 12 should avoid sleepovers, indoor celebrations, and more in a new warning from NPHET.

It has advised parents not to send their children on playdates, to birthday parties, or other social occasions.

The Covid incidence rate is highest in primary school children.

It suggested avoiding Christmas pantos, indoor festive events, and other community gatherings.

The public has been asked to avoid crowded events as much as possible.

Speaking about the current surge in cases, CMO Dr. Tony Holohan said we need to get it under control.

"We need to continue to make every effort we can to drive down the incidence of disease and break the chains of transmission.



"Covid-19 spreads when an infected person is in close proximity to other people. The best way we can stop Covid spreading to the people we meet is by meeting fewer people and avoiding crowds," he added.

Children should wear face-coverings in shops, on public transport, and in school, NPHET suggested.

Experts believe that cases would decrease if children aged 9-12 wore face-coverings.

Leo Varadkar said that additional measures may be introduced before the Christmas holidays.

He reassured the public that the Government is doing everything it can to avoid another lockdown.

Speaking to Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ, he said: "I think we may need more restrictions heading into the Christmas period but I don’t think we need to be fatalistic about a return to any form of lockdown or even a ‘lockdown light’, and I think we should try to avoid that."

Cabinet will discuss NPHET's new suggestions before any decisions are made.