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05th Nov 2022

My baby’s nursery threw out one of their shoes- should they pay for a replacement?

Is the nursery in the wrong here?

Losing shoes is one of the children’s special talents.

They kick them off onto the path during our morning walk. They disappear in the garden, in soft play, and even in creche.

One mum was gutted when her baby arrived home with just one shoe.

She explained to Mumsnet that the creche was doing a major clean-out and may have accidentally thrown away her child’s shoe.

She wrote, “Our one-year-old came home from nursery with only one of her two very first shoes.

“The nursery was expecting Ofsted the next day so had had a huge clear out. They have subsequently searched high and low and emailed all the parents.”

The mum said the nursery is lovely and her baby is happy there too.

However, she’s pretty annoyed over the missing shoe, especially because they were her first shoes.

Both of her child’s key workers have offered to buy her a new pair together.

“I’m just sad we’ve lost one of her very first shoes”

“However, we emailed the nursery, concerned that they appeared to be having to do so out of their own money, when we thought it was something that the nursery should pay, as a company, rather than what would be an hour’s wage for two of their employees.”

The nursery responded and told the mum to label her child’s clothes.

They also said their missing property policy does not include replacing lost items.

“I get that with schools when the children are responsible for their own things and I would never assume so with clothes, bags or coats etc, but shoes? I also don’t really see how labeling would have helped in this case.”

“I’m just sad we’ve lost one of her very first shoes, sad that we might have to buy more unnecessarily, given our financial situation.”

The mum said she is also frustrated that it doesn’t feel like the nursery are valuing their staff or responsibilities.

One mum said, “Only send your child to nursery in clothes you don’t mind being lost or ruined.”

“I own a day nursery and I would replace them as they have clearly been thrown away in error. In fact, I recently replaced a pair (of bloody expensive) shoes as a child wet themselves which went in the shoes.

“Obviously not our fault, but the goodwill gesture goes a long way.”

What do you think?