How often do you bathe your kids? How much is too much? 3 years ago

How often do you bathe your kids? How much is too much?

Everyone and every child is different.

And how often we bathe our children is a personal preference. However, this mum is concerned she is washing her children too much, and went to Mumsnet for advice.

She tries to wash her daughters everyday and said in the post:

"I have a 2 year old and an almost 5 year old. DH works away a lot and I'm finding the whole daily schedule so tough on my own.

"I bath them both every day at the moment, but I'm wondering, would it be wrong of me to skip the odd bath now & then? DD1 is an exceptionally clean kid, DD2 not so much. But DD2 gets baby wiped within an inch of her life after every meal because of all the mess she makes.

"How often do you bathe your kids? Would not bathing them daily be wrong of me?"

The majority of answers were hell no - she does not need to bathe her children everyday.

One mum said:


"My 3yr old gets 3 baths a week generally (though it was everyday when the weather was really hot). Other days he gets his hands, face & bits wiped down. We don't have time to bath every night.

"Just do what suits you... They won't come to any harm if they haven't been rolling around in mud!"

While another wrote:

"I have never bathed my kids daily. Sod that."

So there you go! How often do you bathe your kids?