The one thing you NEED to do before buying a toy for your child's carseat 3 years ago

The one thing you NEED to do before buying a toy for your child's carseat

Carseats have come a long way since they first came onto the scene way back in the early 1900s.

Back then, carseats weren't so much for a child's safety, but a booster so their parents could see them at all times when they were driving.

It was only in the 60s that a carseat was developed that actually worked to protect children from injury when an adult was driving.

While there are a lot of precautions parents must take when using carseats, the one that's probably least talked about is the use of carseats toys.

And we don't just mean giving your child a toy to play with when you're driving - we mean toys that attach onto the top or side of the carseat.

These days, it's probably fair to go ahead and say that any carseat toy that's manufactured by a reputable company is safe for use when driving, but there is one thing that parents need to do before using one.


Check that the toy is compatible with the make of the carseat itself.

If the toy comes wth the carseat, you're good to go, but sometimes the design of the toy is different to the design of the carseat, meaning that the two probably shouldn't be used together.

Passenger safety technician Sarah Tilton told Pop Sugar  that parents should really be contacting carseat manufacturers to see if they sell their own toys compatible with their carseats, or if they have a specific brand in mind that is.

She said:

 "Any accessory could affect the performance of the car seat during a crash when they are made by a brand other than the car seat manufacturer.

"When a car seat manufacturer approves use, that is an indication they have done testing and an evaluation of the item with their car seats. (The brand is) confident they do not negatively affect the crash performance of the car seat when used as per the instructions."

While this may seem unnecessary at times, it's never a bad idea to be totally sure that your child is completely safe in the back on the car.

Better to be safe than sorry.