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03rd Feb 2017

Overnights With Dad Are Particularly Important For Children Of Divorce

What is best for the children?

That is always the biggest consideration when it comes to the breakdown of a relationship.

Now, a new study may offer the answer.

Researchers have discovered that children of divorce benefit from spending time, including sleeping over, at both parents houses.

It had previously been thought that if children at the centre of a divorce spend too much time with their dad in very early life, it could damage the mother-child bond which was viewed as the more important relationship

But now this study of over 100 college students who’s parents separated before they were three years old has redefined the recommendations when it comes to what’s best for the kids.

The study, published in the Journal of Psychology, Public Policy and Law found that those who had the best relationship with parents were those who spent equal time at both parents houses when they were little rather than primarily with mum.

Interestingly, the time spent with both parents at age two was particularly important.

Live Science reports that researchers have a theory about why equal parenting is so important:

It helps dads learn to parent their children from the beginning – doing bedtime, feeding and taking care of their very basic needs. This provides a very solid foundation for their future relationship.

Researchers said that for mums, letting the child spend the night with their dad offers a break from the stress of being a single mum.

What is your experience with this? Do your experiences reflect the findings of this study?