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16th Dec 2018

Emmerdale’s Bernice faces botched botox job this Christmas and it all goes horribly wrong

Jade Hayden

Grim enough sitch.

Nobody wants to turn 50.

Sure, most people are probably generally grand about it because age is just a number and doesn’t actually make any difference because life is futile and nothing really matters anyway.

Thumb emoji.

Enough about us though, let’s focus on someone who does think that the ageing process is cruel and worthy of any attempt to slow it down – Bernice in Emmerdale. 

While everybody else is off getting surprise-married or getting kicked out of B&Bs this Christmas, she’ll be facing her own dilemma: her ageing face.

Or, what she perceives to be her ageing face because, like, we’ve seen her and she looks great?

Bernice will be so done with the fact that she’s turning 50 soon, that she’ll decide to order some botox online and literally inject herself with it in a bid to look younger. 

What could possibly go wrong? you ask.

Well, lots.

Bernice ends up in hospital due to the botched job, facing the prospect of living with paralysed face due to whatever chemicals were in the botox she got off the internet.

So, so grim.

While all this is happening, it then becomes apparent that Leanne was encouraging Bernice to order the botox so nobody would ever discover her real age – a ploy which Gabby is absolutely (and understandably) horrified by.

It remains to be seen whether Bernice will recover/ever be able to move her face again – but this is Emmerdale, and she’s a fairly popular character – so we’re assuming that she will.