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11th Oct 2017

Parents concerned over shopping centre’s ‘dangerous’ playground

The shopping centre claims it is for all ages.

Keeley Ryan

Parents were left fuming after a shopping centre shared photos from it’s “dangerous” revamped play area intended to be inclusive for all ages.

Melbourne’s Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre recently shared a series of photos of their new play area, which they claimed was suitable for all ages.

Parents were quick to point out that the play area wasn’t safe, since it wasn’t closed off to the public – leaving kids able to escape or vulnerable to predators.

Others added that the slide was accessibly only via ropes which weren’t suitable for little ones of all ages to climb.

Meanwhile, some more parents claimed that the floor wasn’t padded enough in case a child fell – and that the front of the climbing structure was closed off with sharp chicken wire.

Plenty of parents commented that their kids had already been injured on the new play area, including one woman who said her daughter had recently broken her wrist there.

One mum pointed out:

“The playground isn’t very suitable for all ages. It’s quite dangerous.

“It needs a proper ladder to the slide. I’ve seen several kids tumble trying to climb the rope structure to get to the slide & many little ones crying because they can not climb the ropes to access the slide. 

“The smaller slide is too steep for the toddlers & too short for the 5 year plus children. Once there is more than 5 children on the playground it’s a hazard.

“Many parents are just avoiding it & several kids we know just don’t want to go on it at all.

“It’s a shame as the last play area was great.”

Another worried parent pointed out:

“The wire mesh everywhere is sharp and dangerous.

“The climbing ropes are only suitable for 5yo and up (not 3yo+), however there is insufficient floor padding underneath them, so if a child falls trying to get into the upper hole to access the slide they will get injured.”

A different mum added:

“We were so excited to give this new playground a go and loved the old one.

“I have a 2.5 year old and she was unable to access the slide through the ropes and then we were unable to access the area to remove her when we were ready to leave.

“This ended up in my mother having to try to get into the area to remove her and tantrums.

“The soft play area wasn’t very suitable for her and didn’t hold her interest and the slide was too steep.

“We also miss the safety of the gates. We found the playground dangerous and unsuitable for the younger children that most frequently would be wanting to use the playground.”

But shopping centre bosses appear to have taken the feedback on board, later adding:

“We value this feedback tremendously and rest assured, all your concerns are currently being considered with the view to make some enhancements which we hope will improve the play area and overall experience.”

Photos via Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre/Facebook.