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13th Dec 2019

Parents in Ireland will spend an average of €307 on their child’s Christmas gifts

Melissa Carton


Do you think this is correct?

For most of us Christmas shopping is well underway and for many even finished.

This time of year can be expensive with parents often spending hundreds per child to make sure that Christmas day is perfect.

A recent survey found that on average parents spend €307 on their child’s gifts.

The research into festive spending undertaken by Kantar1 on behalf of eBay found that parents in Ireland will spend an average of €307 on their children this Christmas.

The findings suggest that parents in the North of Ireland spend the most on their children (€457), while parents in the West tend to spend the least (€234).

In Dublin, parents spend an average of €305 on their offspring.

To be honest I thought that the average cost would be much higher, particularly for parents with older children looking for video games and electronics.

The research also broached the topic of gender-specific gifts which was a divisive one for parents.

50 per cent agreed that they would be more likely buy a gender-stereotyped toy for their children while 37 per cent of people who don’t have children believed they would buy gender-specific gifts for kids.

Buying gendered toys for little ones was more common amongst men than women.