Parents outraged after teacher shows students video with abortion 'reenactment' 8 months ago

Parents outraged after teacher shows students video with abortion 'reenactment'

They say their children have been left traumatised.

Parents in Nevada have been left outraged after their young children were shown an anti abortion video containing an abortion reenactment.

The students, aged between 11 and 12, were left extremely shaken as a result.

The students at Thurman White Academy of the Performing Arts in Henderson, were shown the video during what should have been a reading class.

The video showed members of a faith-based acting ensemble performing an abortion reenactment which parents say has traumatised their children.

According to Newsweek the video depicts the performers act out the parts of the patient, doctor and unborn fetus.


During the video the person playing the fetus screams and thrashes about in pain as the procedure is carried out.

Parents of the young pupils have voiced their anger saying that their children are extremely upset and that some of them have become withdrawn as a result of watching the video.

One parent said that she thinks the video is completely inappropriate and has ruined what should have been a good school year for her child having just returned to school after lockdown;

"To show the part of the video where the children are actually pretending to be a fetus or a baby and they're screaming about pain, as if, it's heart-wrenching, as if they're being tortured. And they're watching children do this?

Especially during a year when we're just trying to get back on our feet after being home last year."

On Tuesday evening, the San Diego Unified School Board, according to, the San Diego Union-Tribune showed their support for abortion rights but Thurman White Academy of the Performing Arts has yet to make a statement about what happened.