Parents and pets: What's the worst thing your furry friend has done? 3 years ago

Parents and pets: What's the worst thing your furry friend has done?

We love our pets.

However, sometimes they can be just as temperamental as the kids! From biting the legs of the table to dragging muck all the way through freshly clean floors, they wind us up like nothing else.

Parents are discussing their pets on Mumsnet and the stories are actually quite hilarious.

One mum wrote:

"I got in this morning after doing the weekly shop to find my fur brat has chewed the zip off one of my sofa cushions and ripped out all the stuffing. And she greeted me at the door, proud as punch and wagging tail, the little shit. I have yet to tell DP.

"What's the worst thing your fur brats has done?"

Many parents replied to the post with their own stories and they didn't disappoint.

One said:


"Chewed my passport, one ate the mattress topper we'd just bought, ate a new wallet my partner had spent €45 on the day before. My personal favourite was when one of the dogs was a puppy (i have 2) he got on the bed and left me a present."

Another wrote:

"Chewed my passport 2 days before I was going on holiday, chewed an ipod and a chain, broke the door of my oven and washing machine and chewed all my Benefit make up. That wasn't all one dog though!"

And this one even started a fire!

"Nicked a box of matches and started chewing them underneath an armchair. I've no idea how he managed to strike one of them but he seemed to be enjoying watching it burning a slow hole in the carpet."

What's the worst thing your pet has even done?